Included in the cost:

  • 1st month FREE (*)
  • StartUp
  • Facebook Page management
  • Instagram profile management
  • Sponsored advertising campaigns (**)
  • Posts published 4 times a month
  • Customised creativity layout
  • Bimonthly reports

(*) The contract lasts 6 months and costs € 150.00 per month from the 2nd month.

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When you purchase the package, you only pay for the StartUp and the 1st month of advertising is free. During that 1st month, you will receive the contract, which is to be signed, and then payment for the remaining 5 or more months will be made month by month with your credit card (which can be the same one used for the initial purchase).

If you want more content published on your social media, the cost for this will be provided later.

(**) DeltaWeb does not pay for publishing the sponsored advertising campaigns.


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